Roses are red, blue cakes are blue

It’s blue!

Minimalism – it’s definitely not my thing. At all. Except for when it comes to exercise, of course. Then I’m all “less is more” and “everything in moderation”.

But when it comes to cakes? Let’s pile it on! We all know that the really simple cakes are some of the hardest to make, because of the perfection required when there’s nothing to hide the slight crinkle in the fondant or the bulge that you know is your own fault, because you just couldn’t resist filling the cake way more than gravity would ever allow, because dammit, IMBC with chocolate is the BEST.


I’m here to tell you that it’s equally difficult to decorate a cake that needs tons and tons stuff piled on. Retaining some resemblance of order and balance can be tricky. You need “Versailles” not “circus”.
I’m usually able to stop way before I reach that critical point where I have to wonder if there’s still a cake underneath there somewhere, somehow. But not always.

From the side

This cake was one of those times where I just kept on decorating. Dots here? Yes! More dots. How about a gazillion flowers in a fat band around the top border? Sure! More flowers. More overpiping! More stringwork! More! More!

In the end I had to stop because I ran out of room and was going blind from staring into the mass of strings and scrolls in various shades of blue. Even an overeager cake decorator have to abide the laws of physics (damn).

Even more stringwork! Can you believe it?

Of course, now that I look at it, after half a days break, it doesn’t seem crowded at all. In fact, it almost looks naked. Should I squeeze in some more piping? Probably not.

Maybe next time.